Tuesday of week 20, 2021

I know I posted this picture yesterday. I think I can post another picture. 🙂

Short List – May goals

  • Top 3 piecing quilts – Dancing with the Stars, Grassy Creek, Scrappy Stars Around the Corner
  • Hand work – Simple days, Raining Cats and Dogs
  • Knitting – morning socks, Weasley Sweater (front)
  • Cross Stitching – just do a bit on my weekly project every day (whatever tiny decisions selects)
  • To Be Quilted – Finish the orange quilt (finish quilting, add the label, do the binding, take a nice picture and post about it)

How I did last week –

  1. Cross Stitch – I stitched on the dragonfly 3 times last week.
  2. Knitting – do 10 more rows on my Weasley Sweater and do the heels on my morning socks. – I did my 10 rows on the Weasley sweater and I finished 1 heel on my morning socks. I’m about a third of the way through the second heel. I was able to knit on my socks 4 times and on my Weasley Sweater.
  3. Gardening – I did finish planting the seedlings I had. I also went to Sego Nursery and bought more cosmos, marigolds, rosemary, orange balm and lemongrass.
  4. Quilting:
    1. orange quilt top – get label and binding ready – done. I just kept going and finished the quilt. 🙂
    2. simple days, continue to embroider the 3rd block of the January clue. – I fell out of love on this project. I worked on it a bit during my minigroup meeting but I used that time to work on the orange quilt top.
    3. Dancing with the stars – continue piecing more of Block A – I finished piecing all of Block A! So I set this aside while I worked on Grassy Creek
    4. Pull Out Grassy creek and start clue 5 – which meant I was able to pull this out, figure out where I was on Clue 5 and keep going. I’ll need to cut more fabric on the small 9 patches to get this part of the clue finished.

All in all, even though I worked a lot, I still go a lot of my crafting goals done. part of it is being super focused about what I want to get done this week and making sure I’ve got a list of things to do before each crafty session. Even if I only get 1 strand stitched on the cross stitch, that’s okay. I may not get done with it fast but I’m a process crafter so that’s 1 strand stitched.

This Week:

  1. Cross Stitch – this week I get to work on Gamer again. It’s been months since I pulled her out and I’m not done with that second row. I’m almost done but I think I can get it finished this week assuming I stitch every day.
  2. Simple Days – I only have one zoom session with the cool quilty people on Sunday so I plan to do a little bit on sunday.
  3. Grassy Creek – Get the itty bitty 9-patches done. I will need to cut more fabric and I’m fussy cutting scraps so it takes much longer than strip piecing but it thrills me to no end to use up as much scraps as possible.
  4. Dancing with the stars – figure out how many of Block B I need and start working on it.

Happy crafting, friends!


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