and a finish, almost

This was my expected third start for the last couple of months. I started Arabesque (September workshop), disappearing 9 patch (guild QAL), and now this project with this month’s speaker, Wendy Mathson. I really enjoyed her as a teacher. She is one of the best quilty teachers we’ve had in a long time.

And I finished it the same day! Granted it’s small but the top is complete. After some further reflection I think it needs borders. At her lecture the other night Wendy showed some interesting borders and I want to let it percolate before I tackle this.

When this is ready I plan to use it to practice hand quilting on it. I watched Quilt Folk’s Adventure in Wales and now I have the urge to hand quilt. I have a bunch of smalls that I started earlier this year due to my guilds workshops and I hope to work on my hand quilting on them as well.

There is too little time my crafty friends.



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