This disappearing 9 patch

I do not have a better name for this. And for regular readers, this is all repeat but I like to repeat the info in case you are a new reader. Anyway, my guild, did a quilt-a-long pre-covid and it was known under a different name that I no longer remember. The block instructions were posted on the monthly newsletter and members would bring the blocks they made to the meetings and got a raffle ticket for each block they made. At the end of the evening we would draw a ticket and the winning member would get all the blocks. Anyway, we’d been doing this for a long time and participation had dwindled. And it stopped completely some time while we were in lockdown. One of my guild sisters took up the mantle and started a new one a few months ago. Rather than doing a block and having one person win all the blocks, she decided to do a quick disappearing 9 patch. For every block we created, we would get a raffle ticket and when the top was done (due at our November meeting), we would get another raffle ticket for a possible chance of 13 raffle tickets. The winner will get a basket of goodies. So here’s my top and I’m debating whether I should add borders or keep it as is.

This is start #2 since September.

Start #1 – Arabesque – Dora Carey (September SFVQA workshop)

Start #2 – Disappearing 9 patch – SFVQA QAL

Start #3 – Storm at Sea / Snail’s Trail – Wendy Mathson (October SFVQA workshop)

Start #4 – Lucinda’s Journey – Arlene Arnold (November SFVQA workshop) – not yet started..

I’m feeling the urge to finish these starts as soon as possible. For the most part they are small and can be done as long as I don’t put it away. As a result my sewing room is a mess as I have multiple projects laying wherever they fit as I get to them. I’ve been rotating through each project until I get to a self imposed point to stop and it’s been working.

Because of how many quilts I’ve started in a short time and the urge to finish, I’m probably not going to do a border on this. I just want it done. The fabric is all from stash and while I like the quilt it doesn’t give me the warm tinglies that I get working on other projects. I’m happy I made it as I’ve been wanting to make a disappearing 9 patch forever and just never got around to it.

Happy Quilting Friends


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