Cross Stitch, an update

Gamer – 10/22/2022

I finished the second page of the third row and I’m about 34% complete. I do not remember if I ever mentioned this before but I use Pattern Keeper for all my full coverage projects. I love it. Unfortunately it isn’t an app that is compatible with Apple’s system so you can’t get it on an iPad. I am an iPhone user since the first iPhone and I had an iPad before it went kaput. I never replaced it as they cost a lot of money and I rarely used it. I had a kindle fire (I still have it going on 10 years) to read and listen to books. When I first got it I tried to use it for other stuff but never did and it’s hanging on allowing me to do the two things I need it to do. But I couldn’t get Pattern Keeper on it because it was so old. So several years ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tablet to use Pattern Keeper on. I know that sounds excessive but I use it every day and it’s been worth whatever it was I paid for it. All that to say, this is how I know I’m at 34%. I could give you the exact number to the second decimal out but I’d have to get up and look and I don’t want to do that. lol

Now that this page is done, I’ve set her aside while I work a bit on my MFE Sal.

MFE SAL 2022

This was where I was the last time I worked on this piece. I am starting to work on the May clue.

Happy Stitching!


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