Quilt in Progress: Arabesque

Arabesque – 4 wedges combined

I have 4 sets of these completed. There are only 3 more seams but my goodness they take a long time to put together. The most challenging part of this project is putting each piece together. It requires a ton of pinning and even then it doesn’t line up right. On my final set I remembered one instructor recommended basting paper pieces projects first to check how it lines up. i hope to try this on my next seam to see if it will work better and allow me some wiggle room to smooch and mosh things to line up right.

just so you can see by what I mean by all those pins.
I do love how it’s coming together

Just a reminder how this is going to be. It keeps me motivated to push forward while I grumble over all the pins.

Here’s project #2 I’m working on. Just a sneak peak while I figure out some design choices. I finished the workshop project and I could just end it here. While I look at it and ponder it didn’t feel finished and I continue to work on it.

Happy quilting


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  1. Both projects look great! I know what you mean about those paper piecing projects that don’t line up. It’s a pain struggling with all that bulk while trying to get things to match. It’s looking really good, though!

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