Quilting in Progress: Provence

Provence – as a flimsy

I finally finished quilting this. I’m now on to the binding!

Binding – one side down

This is a very big quilt. See above how it drapes nicely over my bed and down the sides. It’s huge. I have a queen bed and with the sides it probably is as big as a king. I quilted it on the Q20 which is still cumbersome since I don’t have a frame. I had so much trouble basting it.

The binding is on 1 side and I plan to hand sew to the back. I haven’t done that in awhile and I guess I really like this quilt to choose to do it this time. I do. I like how it all came out. And I can honor all the work I’ve done by hand sewing the binding. But will it be done by my next meeting? Probably not. And that’s ok. I’ll still show it as I finish up the binding.

Happy quilting


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