New start: Lucretia’s Journey

Lucretia’s Journey – Original from instructor

This is my guild’s November workshop with Arlene Arnold. She was originally scheduled for January 2022 and it was cancelled and rescheduled for this month. The picture above is the original layout and my little minigroup found the reverse from an instagram post.

Lucretia’s Journey – reversed colorway

We tackled this and despite the confusion of making lights dark and darks light it came off pretty well. I was able to finish the middle row in class and then went home to finish ‘Row A’. That is the top and bottom rows. You’ll see the reversed picture has an extra 2 rows and I don’t think I’ll be making it bigger than the original picture. It seems big enough as it is and I want to get it done sooner rather than later.

Me and my middle row
Our class picture

And yes, our super speed sewer finished the top in class. It’s totally doable if you do all the prep work and focus. 2 things my friends and I are hard pressed to do when we are with each other. 🤣



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