Mid Month Update

Well, it’s not really mid month. But I wanted to give a quick update on my progress for this month’s goals:

1. Provence is finished! It is bound and labeled and the last thing to do is take a picture to post.

2. The disappearing 9 patch – I have the back and batting ready. I have presented the flimsy at our last guild meeting and won a scrumptious basket of purple fabrics which I forgot to take a picture of. Next step is to baste it and start quilting it.

3. Storm at Sea/ Snail’s Trail by Wendy Mathson – I ran out of fabric as I extended the piece a bit. After several visits to a variety of shops I finally found the fabric at Candy’s in Reseda, CA. I think they have the entire grunge line at the shop while every where else the grunge is pretty pitiful. Space is limited and it seems the shops work together. I’m guessing since they know Candy’s has all the grunge there’s no reason to use up their shelf space when they can carry other fabrics. The fabric is washed and ready for the next step which is cutting and sewing those final pieces.

Partially extended when I ran out of fabric

4. Lucretia’s Journey – I’m pretty focused on this project right now. I took the class and I’m almost done. I’m loathe to put it away as I’m so close. All the rows are done and I simply have three long seems and the top will be finished.

5. Plum Fusion – I am still several months behind and at the last retreat worked on page 19. It’s 4 matching blocks. All the pieces are cut and all I have to do is sew them together. This is last on my list and I am hoping I can get to it before the end of the month.

Plum Fusion – last pic standing

Happy quilting!


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  1. I was glad to see your comment, because I lost track of so many favorite blogs during the last couple of years! I come back to see the beautiful work you are still doing. That D4P is gorgeous and I’m absolutely stunned by the snails’s trail/storm at sea!

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