November Recap 2022

This month, my 3 focus quilts were: Storm at Sea/ Snail’s Trail, Lucretia’s Journey, and Plum Fusion.

I finished Lucretia’s Journey and it is now a flimsy and joins my quilts in process queue.

Storm at Sea/ Snail’s Trail – well it seems I spent a lot of time gathering the fabric as I went to multiple shops and pre-washed fabric so it still is at the same point as it was earlier in the month:

And I did work a bit on Plum Fusion but the pieces of page 19 were still under a bunch of stuff on my ironing board. So I cleaned the board and took a picture.

I spray basted the Disappearing 9 Patch, its ready to be quilted. I want to use a disappearing pen and a stencil for the quilting. I’ve tried this technique in the past and I didn’t like it. I think the quilt I was using was too big for learning on. But this quilt is just large enough but not too big to practice this technique. I’ve picked my quilting motif and this will be on my December list.

basted quilt and the stencil I’ll be using.

And I finished Provence. This is one BIG quilt and I’m thrilled to be done with it. I have 4-5 big quilts waiting in the wings to be finished.

Happy quilting!


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