Finished Flimsy: Lucretia’s Journey

Lucretia’s Journey – Finished Flimsy – November 2022

I just started this at my guild’s November workshop with Arlene Arnold. I recently posted this as my new start. And I loved it so much and it came together pretty easy that I didn’t want to stop. I did have some struggles here and there.

Because I decided to do the reverse of the instructor’s original quilt, I had to go through and mark the lights as dark and the darks as light. But that would have made my life easy so I didn’t. I just kept the pattern as is. The instructor used Block Loc rulers – flying geese and half square triangles. I already had the HST block loc ruler for the size she wanted so all I had to buy was the flying geese block loc. I fell in love. I may have to buy all the flying geese available now.

Some issues I had with doing this project was that it gave the measurements of each piece and in some cases I remembered to trim down and in some cases I forgot. Actually I forgot to trim the 9patches. So they were about 1/16″ too big on each side and I had already pieced them into the rows when I discovered that. So I had to do some finagling and swearing to get it all right. I scared those pieces into submission!

And another thing I would have liked would have been pressing directions. I like to nest my seams and I pressed willy nilly. When I sewed the rows together the first two rows I could finger press corrections as I needed to but by the time I was putting together sets of rows already pieced, that was more difficult and there are several places where my seams twisted. I tried to do it in a part where I can twirl my seams on the 9 patches and make it work but I couldn’t always do that.

Arlene Arnold looks for and purchases antique quilts and then recreates them into patterns as she’s able to. There are quite a few patterns I want to purchase from her but I limited myself to one and when I get it I will post it.

I do love how this one turned out and I’ve got it on a one day some day wish list to make another but bigger one to fit my bed.

I’m thrilled to get this flimsy finished so quickly and add it to the to be quilted pile.

Happy quilting friends,


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