New start: Apple Blossom, a Mountain Mist Pattern

Apple Blossom quilt from Mountain Mist. Picture from online auction.

For my quilt, I’m changing the colors around. The background is more beige/white and my apple blossoms are shades of Purple with a bright yellow/orange center. But wait a second, you may be asking, another new start Melanie? And you’d have every right. I blame my LQS and my friend, Julie. At my favorite LQS, Quilt Emporium in Woodland Hills, CA, they have a Mountain Mist club that’s been running for the last 10+ years. And a bunch of my quilty friends and I, attended a tea party they hosted at the shop. It was to talk about Mountain Mist quilts, the history, and how they came about as well as to show the quits that have been produced by the club these many years. Shortly after, Julie and I decided to join. We are hand appliqueing and maybe hand quilting. I will probably not hand quilt. I like the look but it takes so long for me to finish. I’m still working on hand quilting my Raining Cats and Dogs quilt. I forgot to add this quilt to my WIP list because I haven’t yet cut into fabric. The first meeting we attended we talked about how to read the pattern and how to get started. Then Julie and I pulled fabric.

Fabric pull

The next meeting was last Friday and our person in charge was at Jury Duty. As such, all I did was cut my templates and get them all ready for next month.



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