2023 Quilt Queue

Here is my current quilt queue in no particular order. Well, I take that back. It’s in order of completion from oldest to more recent. But it’s in no order as to when they are to be quilted. Ideally I want to quilt the oldest one first to get them off my list but the older ones are all big quilts and what I learned last year is that the big ones take forever to finish quilting (surprise!). Anyway so this year I’m going to mix the big and small quilts up hoping that I can get quick finishes in the middle of long quilting projects.

Bonnie Hunter’s 2018 Mystery Quilt – Good Fortune – flimsy January 2020

2012 SoCal Quilters Run – Area One’s mystery quilt – flimsy June 2020

Area One 6/22/2020

Jan Krentz – Broken Diamond Star – flimsy 4/2021

Scrappy Stars Around the Corner – finished top! 8/7/2021

Scrappy Stars

Kimberly Einmo’s mystery quilt from Craftsy circa 2014-

I know it doesn’t look finished but I promise it is. I just haven’t taken a pic of the flimsy yet.

Disappearing 9 Patch – flimsy 10/20/2022- this one is currently being quilted.

Dora Carey’s Arabesque – flimsy 11/3/2022 – i’ll be quilting this next as I want it finished by April to show.

Arlene Arnold’s Lucretia’s Journey – flimsy 11/29/2022

Wendy Mathson’s Storm at Sea / Snail’s Trail – flimsy 12/5/2022

Storm at Sea / Snail’s Trail Wendy Mathson December 2022

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