Real Complete WIP List

I posted my new starts from 2022 a few weeks ago. I forgot one and added it below. I also decided to add my WIPs started prior to 2022 so I have a real complete WIP list. Okay. It’s not all my WIPs. But they are either ones that I’m working on currently or something I just remembered. This list does not include some hand work projects that I have ongoing. I’m not sure I should add those. Maybe one day I will. For some reason just the thought of adding my hand work makes me anxious so for now, I’ll keep them off. Even though I have the handwork I’ve started in 2022 on this list. Also, I doubt I remember all my WIPs so I’ll add them as I remember them. These are the ones that I work on regularly or I purchased/started in 2022. I have a bunch of WIPs from a long time ago that have been tucked away and I honestly cannot remember them. However, I hope to go through this list and as I finish, I plan to replace projects with things hanging out on my table and in my cabinets. Then I want to grab stuff from my closets. I really want to work from stash this year and only buy when I need to 1. support a shop I’m visiting, 2. I need something to finish something, or 3. I find a really good deal and love whatever it is I want to buy.

1. Bonnie Hunter’s 2020 (?) Mystery Quilt – Grassy Creek

2. 45 & Life to go

3. Christmas in Paris

Christmas in Paris by Coach House Designs

4. Tuella and Friends

Tuella and Friends
Tuella and Friends by Colette Belt

5. Judy Neimeyer’s Double Wedding Ring – started Jan. 2020

Double Wedding Ring (not my quilt) – started in Jan 2020

2022 New Starts

1. February – Linda Ballard – Dresden

2. March – Catherine Wilson – Snowflake

3. Cotton and Chocolate’s 2022 Saturday Sampler Plum Fusion in January 2022. I was pretty caught up until about June. Then I fell behind.

Page 19 – 4 blocks

I have started several hand projects this year.

4. Ornaments – I started this in December 2021 but I’ve been stitching diligently on this throughout 2022. I think about half of the 12 ornaments have all been stitched and embroidered. When they are all done I need to adhere it to a backing with stiffer fusible and then sew the little strings to allow me to hang them.

5. Prairie something…. I haven’t started this really. I bought it and attended the class at Quilt Emporium and other projects jumped in line. This is not my product but a picture of the instructors and a reminder of the cuteness of it.

6. By Annie – Everything in a place bag (name?). I started this in 2021 and it’s very complicated. I’m really almost done and just need to sew all the pieces together.

7. Tula Pink’s Butterfly 2.0 – I haven’t actually started or cut the fabric. But I want to very badly. I’ve had a lot of new starts the last few months so I want to get the flimsies finished before cutting into this.

8. Mountain Mist: Apple Blossom (November 2022)

Happy quilting friends


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