Finished Flimsy: Dresden

I started this at my guild’s March 2022 workshop with Linda Ballard.

I can’t believe all I needed to do to finish this was blanket stitch the dresden down and applique a center. I already had decided not to add a border a long time ago. But it took me forever to get this to the finishing line.

I wanted my blanket stitch to pop so a 50w would have been too thin for the look I was going for. I ended up choosing a salmon/coral color 12w Aurifil. I buy Aurifil in different weights because I enjoy the look of a good decorative top thread when I want it. and I do not usually plan ahead enough to buy the right color when I need it. I always just look in my stash for something that will work. I get a thrill of pleasure when I find and use something in my stash. Not only am I using what I have but it justifies me buying Aurifil in different weights when I find them. 😁

50w Aurifil is now about $14/ large spool. So if I see 50w or 40w at less than $14 I will buy it. I have all my Aurifil thread listed on a google sheets so I go through that list to avoid buying duplicates.

For 28w and 12w- I like to buy the small spools in different colors so I have options for decorative thread. I used to buy large spools and if all I see are large spools I will buy them anyway. I find that I don’t use them enough to warrant choosing large spools and usually shops generally just have small spools of these weights. Sometimes though large spools are it.

I also buy 80w when I see them (which is not often) for applique. And if I see 12w wool, I used to pick these up too. But for my bday last year I bought the whole Ellana collection which is Wondefil’s wool thread so I don’t need Aurifils on hand anymore. I would LOVE to get Aurifils 12w cotton collection but it’s way too much! at 270 small spools and a beautiful box to store them all, it’s $1700 with tax and shipping. For some reason in my head I thought it was more like $400 for the whole thing. Either they raised the prices or I am totally way off. Either price would be too much but $400 is more swallowable than $1700! Wonderfil had split their collection into 2 boxes so while pricey I bought one at a time as my budget allowed.

Happy quilting friends,


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  1. I love the look of this quilt, and the fabrics you used. So bright and happy. I like Aurifil, too, and have some spools of floss, as well. I use the wool that Sue Spargo uses, but not lately! I mostly use Cosmo floss, except for 498 turkey red and 796 blue and a green I forget, but same shade as red and blue. Classics. I don’t know about right now, but pumpkin vine often has discount on Aurifil.

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