Road – part 2

Picture heavy post-

Best of Show
Close up

The best of show is my kind of quilt. Tiny, hand embroidered, and wool. Although that’s a guess. It looks like wool, flannel, and cotton all mixed together.

Another Janet Stone quilt
This was done by reverse applique.
Here is a close up of one block
I am amazed where the lines meet in the middle.
This one was made with recycled plastic materials in it.
this uses my favorite plum grunge as a background
The eyes on the hens are either crystals or sequins. I can’t remember but it made them pop.
You can lift the quilt they are holding and underneath are names of hundreds of women.

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  1. Wow. Such beauty and such variety! Don’t you love that women are still using quilting to make political comments? Such beautiful work in the best of show, and a wonderful mix of modern and traditional. Thank you so much for sharing these.

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