Road – part 3

Another picture heavy post…

Vintage grandmothers garden-

There were no dates. One quilt had 1861 on it but there wasn’t any more info on these. There were about 10 or so vintage quilts with no info. It was fun to look at, inspiring really. They were not show quilts but everyday quilts people made and used. I love that because those are the quilts I make. I wish there was more info though.

another vintage quilt
French General exhibit
Another french general
I love the simplicity of this quilt. This and the next blue and white quilts are from Laundry Basket quilts and were designed by Edyta Sitar.

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  1. Those are my favorite kinds of quilts, too. They speak of homebodies,, families, artists, all combined in one woman. I enjoyed these, especially Edyta’s and French General. Those are exactly what I would have wanted to see. Thank you!

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