February 2023 – Mid Month Update

Here is my February list to keep me focused.

#1 – Arabesque – My goal is to quilt and finish finish finish this flimsy.

Update: FINISH!!!

#2 Plum Fusion – I accomplished my goal and finished page 13 and 14!

#3 – The Quilty Pleasure Saturday Sampler –

January Block

Update – Completed my January Block. I picked up the February kit and hope to get it done this month.

#4 – Snowflake – finish this little top. This was from my guild’s March workshop.

Update- I have started working on this and I’m making great progress. This should be done this month if all continues as it has been.

#5 – Mountain Mist – do a bit every day. My plan is to work on this project daily for 15 minutes.

I’ve actually not been able to work on this for 15 minutes a day.

Week of 1/30, I was able to work on this for 4 days and I went to the shop for our club date. I got a lot done this week.

Week of 2/6, life suddenly got busy and I only worked on this once this week.

Week of 2/13, we are in the middle of this week and not much progress has been made.

#6 – my peasant top

#7 – I bought a bunch of stuff at Road and I need to go through and list all the things I want to do… and add them to this list. One of which is adding Sashiko to my list. Which list? I don’t know yet.

Update – This is done. Everything is put away in their places. and I added Sashiko to this list below. I also added projects I want to start that I bought fabric for to the All encompassing wip list on google sheets. Technically it’s not a wip yet as I’ve not cut into fabric but I have it set aside for special projects my friends and I decided we are doing. I don’t want to forget about it so it’s on that list.

#8 – After I typed #7 I remember I have a cabinet full of UFOs and I want to get those jotted down on my UFO/wip list too. Some of them are already but a lot are not. In addition that cabinet needs to be organized and cleaned out. It has become my stuffing spot – you know what I mean – I stuff things in there I am not ready to deal with…. And it’s jammed full.

#9 – Sashiko… added this to my monthly list – I added this mid month not necessarily to do something this month but more so I remember to keep this on the list for next month.

Happy quilting!


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