Quilt in Progress: Plum Fusion

Reminder- This is the 2022 Saturday Sampler from Cotton and Chocolate in Thousand Oaks, CA.

My March goal for this WIP was to do the November Packet.

I discovered with this packet I was making that the above picture were the “borders” of the inner 9 blocks that were supposed to have been pieced previously. It was from a page of the pattern that was given before all the blocks were done so I hadn’t done it. To be fair, towards the end of the program I stopped attending due to time conflicts and I stopped watching the YouTube tutorials. So they could have mentioned at some point to do it but I didn’t know. I am now scrambling to get it done.

I finished the inner 9 blocks and sashing and before I could get to adding the parts of the November packet, I went to work on getting the first border / sashing first. I had to do all of that before I can consider November complete.

I managed to get the first border on! The next border is the sides made per the November packet. It’s not really a border but it goes around the current set of 9 blocks so it’s border-like. I don’t know if it will get done this month BUT I smell a finish close by and I may forego all the other items on my to do list to get it ready for the next steps detailed in the December packet! We’ll see…I’m so close to finishing this step.

Happy quilting!


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