Updated WIP List – Q2 2023

In January I made my WIP list and I go off this list and my quilt queue list when making my monthly focus list. Things get added as I start new things and updated as I finish projects. Here is an updated list with my Q1 starts and finishes.

Finished this second quarter in 2023:

A Big fat zero! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made progress on things – like my Plum Fusion Saturday Sampler from 2022. It’s really almost done. I have a final 2.5″ border to put together and maybe by the time this list posts, I will be able to update this and say it’s done. But so far, nope. I am about 2 months behind on this year’s Saturday Sampler with Quilty Pleasures. I’ve been in a little slump since I’ve been doing a lot of volunteer work with my quilt guild and my garden.

Still a WIP:

1. 45 & Life to go

2. Christmas in Paris

Christmas in Paris by Coach House Designs

3. Tuella and Friends

4. Judy Neimeyer’s Double Wedding Ring – started Jan. 2020

Double Wedding Ring (not my quilt) – started in Jan 2020

2022 New Starts

5. Cotton and Chocolate’s 2022 Saturday Sampler Plum Fusion started in January 2022. I’m almost done. It needs to be trimmed and the final border attached.

hand projects started in 2022 –

6. Ornaments – I started this in December 2021 but I’ve been stitching diligently on this throughout 2022. I finished embroidering all the ornaments and I’ve fused the heavier heat and bond. The next step is to trim, do a blanket stitch all the way around, and attach a piece of yarn to create a loop so it can hang on something over the holidays.

7. Prairie something…. I haven’t started this really. I bought it and attended the class at Quilt Emporium and other projects jumped in line. This is not my product but a picture of the instructors and a reminder of the cuteness of it.

8. Tula Pink’s Butterfly 2.0 – I haven’t actually started or cut the fabric. But I want to very badly. I’ve had a lot of new starts the last few months so I want to get the flimsies finished before cutting into this.

9. Mountain Mist: Apple Blossom (November 2022)

I am much further along on this but I have to take a more recent picture. I haven’t yet completed this first block so not that much futher along.

2023 New Starts

1. Quilty Pleasures 2023 Saturday Sampler

Happy quilting friends


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