July 2023 – Update

I hope y’all are keeping cool. It’s been in the 90’s-100’s in my neighborhood and as such I have let the garden go. The chickies are keeping cool under the bushes and are enjoying the last of the tomatoes. I really need to set up some kind of containment for them. Life continues to be busy and I’m guessing that’s just my state of life for the next several years. Oh well, I mostly enjoy it.

#1 – Area one – My goal is to finish finish finish this flimsy.

Area One – Finished!

This one was a big MFer and I’m so grateful it is done. I do love big quilts and how it drapes so nicely on my Queen size bed.

Not on my July to do list but I finished my mat from the Noreen Skiles workshop-

#2 Plum Fusion – Finish the top!

The only thing left to do on this quilt is to sew on the final border. Then it will be done and it will join my Quilt queue !

#3 – The Quilty Pleasure Saturday Sampler – the June and July block

April block

I need to take a picture of the May block and do the June and July blocks. I’m a little behind but it’s not too bad yet.

#4 – Tuella and Friends – block 1 – needs the hand embroidery before I can set it aside.

Tuella and Friends – block 1

#5 – Mountain Mist – continue working on this

#6 – Ornaments – all of these have been blanket stitched and are ready for the next step…

I decided to make it into a table mat. They aren’t stitched down yet so that’s what I’m working on.

#7 – Sashiko… I am keeping this on the list but this will have to wait until my ornaments are finished. There is just not enough time in the day.

#8 – Raining Cats and Dogs- this is an old hand quilting project that I set aside. I am adding this on this list to remember it and figure out how to get this done. Ideally It’s one of those projects I spend a little time on each day but I have a lot of those now and so need to think about my game plan.

Happy quilting!


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