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Welcome to the family!


I got a new machine.  I picked it up from the shop last Thursday and here it is sitting around waiting for me to have the time to unpack it.  You may wonder why I didn’t rip into those boxes and start playing with this lovely thing inside…

bernina 790

But we’ve been busy with kid stuff and an outing scheduled for today.  Back to school night was last Thursday for my son and last night we had the 1st football home game at the girl’s school.  The hubby wants to head out today and enjoy a day trip in Temecula.  Thank goodness it’s a 3 day weekend because I’m claiming tomorrow and Monday as me-days!  I do want to finish quilting Hampton Ridge as I only have to finish 1 side of the main border and then do all 4 sides of the last pieced border.  It’s already set up on my now old machine.

I did trade in 3 machines to get this one.  I said goodbye to:

Bailey Mid Arm 2/7/15

Bailey Mid Arm

It served its purpose this past year and a half.  I bought this machine early in 2015 used from a fellow blogger in Orange County for a great deal.  And I learned a lot.  I enjoyed having my own machine to quilt with and take my time quilting a piece.  I know that if I ever got a long arm (which I’ve gone back and forth on over the last year) I would totally use it.  Thank you Bailey!  In the meantime, while I decide whether I want to get a new long arm or not, I plan to rent time on the long arms in my area.  For Hampton Ridge, I rented the Bernina long arm and IT WAS WONDERFUL.  At least compared to the Bailey.  I hope to do some research and see if there are other rentals available so I can do a good comparison.


Brother Innov-is NQ3500D

This didn’t serve it’s purpose.  This was the machine I bought because I wanted an embroidery machine and ended up spending way too much money on this.  I didn’t use it fully and I tried but it just took up space.  I brought it out occasionally to embroider things here and there.  I’m a Bernina girl and every time I looked at this machine I remembered that I bought this because I couldn’t afford the Bernina at that time.  In retrospect, I should have just waited.  Thank goodness for being able to trade in our mistakes!  To be fair, there is nothing wrong with this machine.  It’s me not you! 🙂

Kayla's Bernette

Kayla’s Bernette

And finally, Kayla’s bernette is now gone.  I’m most sad and tormented about trading in this little machine.  It was her first and it’s so cute.  She is upgrading to my Bernina 330 so she is not sad about this trade at all.

~happy quilting friends!