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Monday Madness – 11/30/2015

I hope everyone had a great break!  We’re back to the regular schedule – for the next few weeks anyway.  These next few weeks will be very busy as we head into Christmas.

This coming weekend I will be going to a tea festival in Downtown and then ending it with a Clipper Game.  It’s my first tea festival so I’m excited to see how it goes.

Next weekend, the family and I will be going to Las Vegas for the weekend.  Bad planning because my sister and her family will be coming down that same weekend to spend at Disneyland.  We’ll stay in town for them to visit Thursday evening and will head off to Vegas Friday morning when they leave for Anaheim.  Then we’ll head back to see them Sunday evening.  I still need to coordinate timing and all that.  But my mother will be planning on coming down too and will go to Vegas with us.

There’s a short respite the following weekend and then it’s Christmas.  I’m taking one day at a time.

Yesterday, I was able to knit while watching basketball.  I finished a beanie that I started while the boy was still playing basketball (I think May).  I took a break from knitting during the summer but now that basketball is on, I plan to knit while I watch the games.  The beanie was really for the hubby but the boy claimed it.  I started a new hat for me or the girl.  It’s the Rosie Hat in the Craftsy class – Hats Four Ways with Stephanie Japel.  After this class, I think I’ll start a sock class.  I’ve been hearing how great knit socks are during the winter and I want to learn how to knit them.

Here’s all my accomplishments this weekend:

I got step 7 of Missing Ivy done and put it away to play with other projects:

Missing Ivy Step #7 11/28/2015

Missing Ivy
Step #7

I cut more scraps for Scrapitude 2016.  I finished cutting all but the background.  Since the first clue comes out January 12, I’m taking a break on cutting this week.

I got two leaves on for Raining Cats and Dogs.  I meant to put a third leaf yesterday but spent more time on knitting than I meant to.  It’s so fun to start something new.

Raining Cats and Dogs 2 leaves on 2 leaves left 11/29/2015

Raining Cats and Dogs
2 leaves on
2 leaves left

A few HSTs for Allietare:

Allietare! Step 1 11/28/2015

Step 1

More stitches on the old Welcome cross stitch project:

Cross Stitch Welcome Project 11/29/2015

Cross Stitch
Welcome Project

And here’s the finished beanie:

The boy's new beanie 11/29/2015

The boy’s new beanie

I didn’t get to work on Hampton Ridge so the plan is to get Border #2 and Border #3 on Hampton Ridge, quilt Tell It To The Stars and clean the quilty closet.  I’ve been keeping the quilty stuff somewhat organized but there are a few items that got put in the closet when we first moved in that needs to be relegated elsewhere.  It’s difficult to reach (because I’m short) so in order for me to get to them I need to remove the stuff at the bottom so I can reach the shelf at the top.  I know I could ask the hubby to get it for me but I want to go through the stuff at the bottom anyway.

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!