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Central Park Socks

Central Park Socks

Another pair of socks finished for the month!  This is part of Mina Philips of the Knitting Expat Podcast’s New York Sock Club.  The last pattern will be released on 9/1 and I’m happy to have gotten these socks finished and off the needles by the end of the month.  I haven’t chosen the yarn for the next sock yet.  I’ll wait until I see the pattern before I do so.  I learned through this experience that some pattens work with striping sock yarn or speckled yarn or more tonal yarn so when I see the pattern that’s when I’ll figure out the yarn.

Update on the car situation – I was able to connect with the service manager of the shop that needed to “release” my car to the shop that’s actually doing the repair and he said he was going to call the extended warranty after our conversation and do so.  Then the extended warranty is supposed to call the repair shop and authorize the repair.  All in all – I’m not supposed to pay for the repair!  woot!  I called the repair shop to give them an update and that was the last I heard.  Hopefully, everything is being worked on and I will get a call at some point today letting me know that my car is ready.  I have 2 appointments today.  One of which I will definitely not go because it’s just too far.  I’ll just stay home and get some work done.  The other appointment is more reasonable but I’m not sure it will work out time wise.  We’ll see how it all goes.  I’ve got a lot of work to do and I need the time to do it.  Waiting around for a driver to take me around is a waste of time for me.

~Happy knitting and crafting!



Saturday Musings

I’m back again!  Thanks for being so patient.  We were out of town last Friday – Monday and I’ve been playing catch up ever since.  Work is work and by Friday I finally felt like I was getting into a groove.  I hope this feeling continues.

This week’s line up is:

#1 – continue to work on my Kimono… sorry no picture as it’s just a jumbled mess of yarn at the moment.  I’m working on the right and left sleeve.  The plan is to do a right side and wrong side on each sleeve every day.

#2 – Secret Project – machine sew the binding on (the front) and start the hand sewing part (the back).

Central Park Socks

#3 – August Socks for the Knitting Expat New York Sock Club.  It’s called Central Park and I’m currently working on the foot.  I like a foot with about 48 rows which means for a 4-row pattern I need to do 12 sets of that repeat.  I’m currently working on the 6th row.  It was hard to take a picture of this but there it is.

Mama’s Bukid

#4 – Cross Stitch – work a bit on Mama’s Bukid.

Starting Point Shawl

#5 – Starting Point Shawl – work a bit on this one.  I like to do a front and back row a day but haven’t touched this project since our return on Monday.  I worked on this project a lot while away so when I returned set it aside to give some love to the Kimono.  I need to touch this again this weekend.

Maxwell Bag – The outer and inner parts put together

#6 – Maxwell Bag – the next step is to cut the rope to size for the handles.

And that’s the plan for today.  We’ve got plans for this evening so I think these 5 projects will be plenty over the next few hours.

~happy crafting.