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Maxwell Bag – Finally a finish

Maxwell Bag
A Finish

I didn’t realize that I started this bag in 2017. I know because I looked for the post I wrote about this when I took the class. All I had left was to put the handles through the purple things, whip stitch them, and that’s it. They were done. It did take me longer than I thought and it was harder than I thought it would be. But it’s done. I do not know what I’m going to use it for but it’s so cute. And I want to make another one. Not right now. 😉



Maxwell Bag

The outer and inner parts put together

I took a 2-day class at my LQS last May and produced an almost done Maxwell Bag.  All I needed to do was the handle and some finishing touches.  I spent some time on Sunday working on the handle.

First Step – cut the handles to size.

Second Step – enclose the soft and stable around the cord


Final Step – somehow get the cord into the fabric tube

I spent some time wrangling the cord in the fabric tube and finally gave up.  I’ll try to do more in the evenings.  My next bag class is on Saturday and if I do not have these handles wrapped, I’m going to see if the instructor has an easier way to do this.

~happy crafting


Sunday plans

Yesterday was a very productive day.  I was able to do the first 5 items on my crafty to do list and interspersed other non-crafty tasks within.  Then we had a wonderful dinner catching up with friends we hadn’t seen since the beginning of summer.

Today will be a mixed day of getting ready for the upcoming week, crossing things off my crafty to do list and Game of Thrones.

Here’s today’s crafty list:

#1 – wash and fold new fabric

#2 – A Rainbow Garden – spend some time applique-ing the first set of pieces on.  Here’s a picture from my Sunday stash post earlier today.

A Rainbow Garden
Block 8 – cut the pieces and pressed the paper onto the wool fabric

#3 – Maxwell Bag – I wasn’t able to do this task item yesterday so it’s closer to the top of the list today.  The next steps are to cut the rope to size for the handles, cover it with soft and stable, make the fabric tube and cover the rope with the fabric tube.  I want to get these tasks done before my next bag class this coming Saturday.

The outer and inner parts put together

#4 – Starting Point Shawl – Yesterday, I was only able to do one front row.  I’m in the section that does a lot of PTBL and KTBL (purl through the back look and knit through the back loop) and that takes a lot of concentration from me.  I only have 1 row left in this section and then I can move onto the next color which is much easier.  So today I want to do that last row and the next two rows in the new section.  I also need to take a new picture.

Starting Point Shawl

#5 – secret project – hand sew the binding

#6 – Raining Cats and Dogs – spend some time hand quilting this project and apparently take a new picture.  The last picture I have of this project was from last year.

#7 – Kimono – continue working on it. The plan is to do a right side and a wrong side on each sleeve every day.  I hope by the time I make it out to knit night at my LYS, I’ve got the right sleeve done and I can concentrate on the left sleeve.

#8 – Cross Stitch – work more on Mama’s Bukid.

#9 – August socks – do a couple of the 4-row repeats.  Yesterday I finished by 7th repeat so I need 5 repeats to do.  At that point, I’ll try it on and hopefully, I can start on the toes this week.

#10 – And if I have time, pull out my pajama pants and get to the next step.  To be honest, I do not think I’ll have the brain power to do this if I get to task #10.  But I notice that if it’s on my to do list, I will get to it at some point.



Saturday Musings

I’m back again!  Thanks for being so patient.  We were out of town last Friday – Monday and I’ve been playing catch up ever since.  Work is work and by Friday I finally felt like I was getting into a groove.  I hope this feeling continues.

This week’s line up is:

#1 – continue to work on my Kimono… sorry no picture as it’s just a jumbled mess of yarn at the moment.  I’m working on the right and left sleeve.  The plan is to do a right side and wrong side on each sleeve every day.

#2 – Secret Project – machine sew the binding on (the front) and start the hand sewing part (the back).

Central Park Socks

#3 – August Socks for the Knitting Expat New York Sock Club.  It’s called Central Park and I’m currently working on the foot.  I like a foot with about 48 rows which means for a 4-row pattern I need to do 12 sets of that repeat.  I’m currently working on the 6th row.  It was hard to take a picture of this but there it is.

Mama’s Bukid

#4 – Cross Stitch – work a bit on Mama’s Bukid.

Starting Point Shawl

#5 – Starting Point Shawl – work a bit on this one.  I like to do a front and back row a day but haven’t touched this project since our return on Monday.  I worked on this project a lot while away so when I returned set it aside to give some love to the Kimono.  I need to touch this again this weekend.

Maxwell Bag – The outer and inner parts put together

#6 – Maxwell Bag – the next step is to cut the rope to size for the handles.

And that’s the plan for today.  We’ve got plans for this evening so I think these 5 projects will be plenty over the next few hours.

~happy crafting.


Cross Stitch, an update

“Mama’s Bukid” …

Here’s what it looked like last time:

Mama’s Bukid

Here’s what it looks like now…

Mama’s Bukid

Happy Saturday!


I was able to snag a picture with somewhat better lighting.  And I do not know why I’ve never done this before but watched some cross stitch tutorials on you tube.  I just had it on auto play.  This morning I realized that I watched all my regular podcasts/vlogs and was looking for something new.  Since I picked up my long term cross stitch project, Mama’s Bukid, I searched out cross stitch videos.  I’ve said this in past posts but in case you didn’t know, I learned to cross stitch in the 90’s with my grandma and I’m working through the crush of projects she and my mother purchased for me.  So my projects are dated and I never explored further than what my grandma taught me.  It didn’t even cross my mind.  Except that I’ve been watching a lot of podcasts lately and a number of them have mentioned cross stitching and some interesting ideas like starting, finishing, etc.  So while I was cross stitching I started watching.  I plan to integrate some of the new to me techniques to see if I like them and will let you know what I find.  In the meantime, here’s my current progress and it looks like the images in the sky of the bukid are changing.  It is exciting to see.  Somewhere I lost the picture that came with this project so it’s a mystery to us.  I know I liked it.  I know my mom picked this out.  I hope we still like it when it is finished. ;0

This last week my hubby’s uncle passed away.  The family is still recovering from the sudden passing of my brother-in-law so it’s really sad and heartbreaking to have this happen as well.  My heart goes out to my MIL and my cousin-in-laws and all the family over there.  Unfortunately, my hubby will not be able to make the trip back to the Philippines again as there’s just no money for a second trip and he’s not able to take the time off work again.  This last week was just his 2nd week back after almost 1 month off.  We will do what we can from here.

On a happier note, I took a bag class at my LQS.  It was for the Maxwell Bag by Abbey Lane.  The picture above is the picture of the bag on the pattern.  Here is picture of my bag still in progress:


The outer and inner parts put together

I’ll have to post about it separately as there is just too much to talk about…  It was supposed to be 2 evening sessions but it looks like we’re trying to get a 3rd evening thrown in so we can finish the bag.  I hope that happens soon.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I’m very excited to have a long weekend and enjoy the time crafting.  Tonight the hubby and I plan to join friends at a JoKoy comedy show.  It’s the first time we’re watching one of his shows.  We’ve seen him on an Adam Carolla show in Vegas one year but never on his own.  I’m excited to be doing something different.  Other than that, I’ll be crafting all weekend.

Happy Stitching!