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My favorite podcasts

Here are my favorite audio podcasts and YouTube channels. These are not the only ones I watch or listen to but this is what I am loving right now as I craft.


Off Kilter Quilts

Hip To Be A Square

My Creative Corner 3

Simple Handmade Everyday


YouTube Channels:

Off The Grid Needlearts

Epic Gardening and Epic Urban Homestead

The Fat Squirrel Speaks

The Dawn of Vanlife




OMG – I won!

Much to my surprise this morning, I checked my quilty email and Pam at Hip to be a Square Podcast notified me that I won her giveaway from a few days ago.  And Allison Rosen of Within a Quarter Inch was cc’d on that as part of C&T Publishing.  So I communicated with two of my favorite podcasters!  I was delighted.  Of course, Allison isn’t currently podcasting but I found her old podcasts on the iPad Podcast app (I’m sure I mentioned this somewhere before) and am downloading them 10 at a time from the oldest to the most recent (which is dated 2012).  I’m currently on episode 31.  I’m super excited – can you tell?  Of course the book I won is not for me but for the little girl – “A Kid’s Guide to Sewing: Learn to Sew with Sophie & Her Friends

A Kid’s Guide to Sewing

My daughter, is 12 and is an expert on all things social media related (at least with Instagram, Tumblr, and photo editing apps).  She read my blog post from yesterday and sighed that it was way too long. So I’ll try to keep each post shorter from now on…. 🙂

Here’s to a quilty day!