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Valley Modern Quilt Guild



The first meeting of the Valley Modern Quilt Guild met at my LQS, Quilt Emporium, in Woodland Hills.  I was almost able to leave the shop without bringing fabric home with me.  But my quote of the evening was “It’s linen, not fabric!”

The meeting was more informational letting local quilters know of the new guild and finding people interested in joining.  Many of the people I saw were already members of the SFVQA like me.  But there were a people who were not members of any of the local guilds and was interested in getting more information.  Now I’m a member of 3 guilds – San Fernando Valley Quilt Association which I joined late last year and have enjoyed attending meetings and various workshops.  I’m a member of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild.  I joined earlier this year but with meetings in Santa Monica, it is sometimes hard to get to from the San Fernando Valley.  I’ve only attended about 3 meetings since joining.  I’m really happy that there is now the Valley Modern Quilt Guild.  I’ve already signed up for the next sew in!

~Happy Quilting!


New Member Tea Party 2015

I’m a new member of my local guild and I attended a New Member Tea Party on Sunday.  Actually I joined late last year sometime or maybe early this year.  I can’t remember but this is the first New Member Tea Party they’ve had since I joined so I’m technically still a new member.  I met a bunch of guild sisters and met some fellow newbies.  It was fun and some things became clear as various board and committee members spoke about the different things the guild does.  I’ve put my name on some lists and I hope that I will find something that I would like to get more involved in.

There is also a new guild coming to town.  The Modern Quilt Guild is getting a new chapter started here in the Valley.  I’m a member of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild and while the drive to Santa Monica/West LA isn’t horrendous, It is 30 minutes on the 405.  Well, it was 30 minutes from my old house.  It will probably be an hour now.  I haven’t made the trek since we’ve moved and I’m not looking forward to it.  But, the Valley chapter is going to have their first meeting at my favorite LQS, Quilt Emporium!  That’s just 10 minutes from me now and 2 minutes from my office so I’m super excited about that group as well.  The first meeting is next Monday.

Anyway, I got loot – the membership committee went to local quilt shops and sewing machine shops who donated items for goodie bags for all the new members!

LOOT!!! 9/20/2015


Those papers at the top are gift certificates!  I think there are 2 for local shops and there are 2 for sewing machine shops.  🙂   And I got fabric!


I’m excited about the new guilds.  There really are two traditional guilds (not that they all do traditional quilting).  There is the day guild and the night guild.  And from what I hear there are a lot of people who are members of both.  Now the Valley Modern Quilt Guild that is starting up. I’m a member of the night guild since I cannot attend a lot of the day guild’s activities.

I’m so grateful to have these guilds near me to be a member of.

Happy quilting!