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Super Bowl Weekend!

Not much crafty stuff going on this weekend.  We’re hosting Super Bowl Sunday with our friends so today I’ll be spending the day cleaning and organizing.  The cleaning isn’t too bad.  The hard part is organizing all the stuff I’ve got laying around.  I’ve got a ton of office stuff all over everywhere and I’m at a loss as to what to do with all the paper, staplers, tape dispensers, scissors, pens, highlighters, etc.  I hate to throw them away as they are all working and in good order.  And I know as soon as I throw them away, I’ll end up needing them.

I am doing the minimalist thing and getting rid of stuff every day.  So at some point, I’ll have to deal with the office supply problem.  I’ve gotten rid of 14 items so far this month.  It’s a bit slow for me but I do not have the time to do more than the little bit I am able to do each day.  I do have a friend coming over next week to help me figure out what I can sell and post them on the various apps to sell.  That will help me a lot.  But we’re having people over tomorrow so I have thrown everything into my office/sewing room.  It’s a mess.  In addition, I’m going through years of file boxes and I’m slowly shredding the docs.  I’ve got a ton of shredded paper all over the floors.  But as long as I could close the door then I’m okay.

To be honest, I do not even know who’s playing this weekend.  Can you believe that?  I don’t watch much TV and I watch more basketball than anything.  The funny thing is that I’ll go to my girl’s high school football games but have yet to go to a basketball game.  ;0  On to cleaning…

I hope you have more of a crafty Saturday than me.