WIP Wednesday – 9/11/13

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedGetting it done – one piece at a time

1. Raining Cats and Dogs – Block 9 – I’ve got everything basted down and all I need to do now is applique all the pieces and embroider.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to get this one done this month but that’s okay.  The last block took me three months to finish so I’ll just concentrate on getting a bit done at a time.

2. my hand quilt – Working on quilting Border #2 – Finished quilting 2 sides of Border #2.  If I keep up at this rate, I should be able to get Border #2 quilted this month.  I decided not to do anything special with Border #2 other than the normal quilting I’ve been doing with the rest of the quilt.  If I finish quilting and I still have some time left in the month I may had a center swirly line in the middle of Border #2 to give it some flair but only if I have time to do so.

3. Easy Street – I’ve got all the blocks sewed in rows and now I’ve just got to get the rows pieced together.   I’m planning on putting a little border just to set it off a bit.  I was planning on quilting this on the long arm but I may just quilt it on my little Bernina.  I think straight quilting would be fine since the quilt itself is so busy.  Especially since it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to actually get certified on the Long Arm until November and then I will still need to practice.  I really want this one done this year and if I stick with the long arm idea, I do not think that that is going to happen.

4. Road to Brenham quilt with Judy at Patchwork Times – After last week I checked my fabric and realized that I didn’t have all the fabric.  I was missing the background fabric.  Well, thanks to my stash I was able to pull everything I needed from my stash (5 yards!) So all in all, I’ve set aside about 15 yards for this project.  Also, I’m changing the name of this quilt to “Missing Ivy”.  As I said in that quilt’s page, I am making it for my daughter because she is missing her old school a lot.  This quilt is being done in her old school’s colors.  The school’s name begins with Ivy so that’s why I’m calling it “Missing Ivy”.

Thanks for reading!

~Wish I was quilting…


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  1. Hi Melanie. Thank you for visiting my blog at babcounlimited.blogspot.com. Since you show up as a no-reply blogger, I couldn’t reply by email and wanted to return the visit. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a LONG list of WIP. It’s fun to go between them all, isn’t it? And thank goodness for out stash…it saves us in instances like your “Road to Brenham.”

    • hi Allison! thanks for visiting! I have no idea how I became a no-reply blogger- I’ll have to pay more attention when I comment. 😊 It is fun to go between WIPs since I have many options to choose from during my quilts times!

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