Monday Monday – 11/4/2013

Design Wall & BOM Away Monday

I’m linking to both Design Wall Monday and BOM Away Monday.  Because that’s where I link to on Monday’s now.  But my design wall today looks the same as last week and I have no new finished BOMs.  No excuses but I used all of last week’s free time to finish Ammabel’s quilt and this weekend was basically a no-sew weekend due to her birthday party and Kayla’s Cheer competition.  I did’t get very good pictures or video so I’m sad about that.  It’s the first competition of the year with her new team so it didn’t go so well.  It can only get better from this point though.  And they know what they need to work on and will continue to practice to clean up the act for the next competition next month.  I really only have a little left to do with Rainbow Garden and I originally planned to do it yesterday after the comp.  But I was just too pooped yesterday.  It took a full 2 hours to get home with all the traffic due to road constructions so I didn’t get back until 6:30.   I did get some of the Hawaiian quilt done from my PIQF class during the competition.  It’s an easy hand project to take with me and work on between squads.  So – I’m off to LA this afternoon and I’m taking Raining Cats and Dogs to get work done on Block 6!

See more design walls at Patchwork Times and more finished BOMs at  .

Sorry I haven’t had time to check out everyone else’s posts these last few days.  I’ll continue to be AWOL for this week but plan to see me back online with a vengeance when I return next week.

Wish I was quilting.


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  1. Heee, Melanie 🙂 It’s fun that you linked up, anyway. I would have been too wiped out for sewing, too! Ammabel’s quilt is so very pretty – the letters are just gorgeous.

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