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Weekend Recap

If you’ve followed my blog over the last few weeks, you know that this weekend I was off to the 2nd of 2 cheer competitions this month.  This weekend was in Visalia and my daughter and I had a little weekend girls getaway.  Valentines evening we drove about 4 hours and that’s when I realized how far south it really was.  We’ve driven the Fremont to Los Angeles and back often over the last 18 years and the Harris Ranch/Coalinga exit is our usual pit stop.  Much to my surprise that was our exit towards Visalia.  We arrived around 10:30 that night, unpacked, and promptly went to sleep.  The following day, she was ready and I dropped her off at the competition.  I know I should have stayed but there was a knitting shop within walking distance.  I wandered for a couple of hours until I needed to get back to watch her.  The shop , called Creekside Yarns  was a wonderful shop.  I do not normally go into knitting shops. I’m a quilter and periodically I dabble in knitting.  But since I spend a whole lot of money on fabric I usually buy the cheap yarn from the big box stores.  However, the girl is starting to learn how to knit and we’re learning together.  So, I wandered in and the staff was super friendly.  I loved the atmosphere in the shop.  There was a group of ladies knitting around the table.  I’m not sure which of them worked there and which of them were just hanging out but a couple of them came by to see if I needed help.  I didn’t and I enjoyed hanging out with them as I shopped.  They also had a whole room of yarn on sale – 50% off sale.  So I purchased a bit of yarn and some needles and walked around main street.  There was a lot of eateries and cute shops to visit.  I watched the girl’s performance and they placed 2nd  in their division.  This was a vast improvement from their performance last week and everyone was happy with their success.

she's the one on the right of the two middle girls

my girl’s the one on the right of the two middle girls on top

After her awards, I had a couple of hours to drive over to the quilt shop a couple of miles away.  Thanks to DesertSuz for giving me the info of the local quilt shop and her other suggestions.  I checked out Thimble Town and purchased 4 yards!  I liked Thimble Town.  The staffers were friendly and very helpful.  The shop was busy with people streaming in.  I’m not familiar with all the fabric lines so I can’t say if they had everything but it wasn’t hard to find something to buy.  🙂 I enjoyed myself.  The best thing that happened was that they had me pick a Hershey’s kiss out of a bucket and at the bottom of the kiss was the number 25… meaning I got 25% off everything I bought.  I had to restrain myself from purchasing more than the 4 yards. 🙂

On Sunday, we drove over to Clovis which was about an hour north of Visalia, again thanks to DesertSuz’ suggestion.  There was a yarn shop called “knitaddiction” and unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as Creekside Yarns in Visalia.  The girl and I walked in and we were the only two customers in the store.  The gal at the register, which I later found out was the owners daughter, asked if we needed help and we declined.  I believe the owner was in the back either knitting or winding a ball.  I’m not sure.  However, we walked around, and found a lot of pretty yarn.  But after the sales I found at Creekside Yarns, was not inclined to purchase something at full price.  Especially when I’m not so knowledgeable about good yarn and okay yarn and really good yarn.  So I trekked it over to the quilt shop, Quilter’s Paradise, and I LOVED IT!  DesertSuz’ suggestion was spot on.  Everyone was friendly, they had a wool section which I haven’t seen in any of the quilt shops I’ve visited these last few months.  They had baby boy sample quilts and kits available.  I usually see baby girl quilts around but hardly ever see baby boy ones.  My only suggestion would be for them to have both kits made up for those who do want to do a baby girl quilt.  They had a little bit on crocheting for baby gifts too.  I would have loved to take a class or two there if I lived close by. I broke my budget at this shop and couldn’t get the pin cushion I eyed at the antique shop DesertSuz suggested I visit also.  The antique shop in the corner was like a mini museum and the girl was amazed at some of the things on display.  She was wearing a very puffy jacket, though, and she was deathly afraid of bumping into something and breaking it.  Even though she’s a cheerleader, my girl is a bit of a clutz when not dancing, cheering or flying. 🙂

We had lunch and then headed home.  About 10 minutes away from our exit, we got a flat.  It wasn’t a very nice way to end a nice weekend but we were safe.  Considering the flat happened while I was on the fast lane of 880 I’m really happy I was able to make it over to the shoulder okay.  And since we were so close, the hubby came by and he waited for AAA while the girl and I went home in his car to rest.

So next Sunday I’ll be adding some yardage to my stash report.  I conveniently missed this Sunday’s report and I may miss next Sunday too.  I’ll be in Vegas next weekend helping the hubby celebrate his big 4-0 b’day.  In between gambling, a show, dancing and some eateries, I’m hoping to make it out to a quilt shop there too.  If you happen to know of any that I must absolutely check out, please let me know.  I will not be renting a car so it has to be conveniently located where I can easily take a taxi to.

I did get some quilty stuff done this weekend (mostly today since it is President’s Day) but I’m tired and that post will have to wait. 🙂

~I hope you got your quilty on this weekend!


Sunday Stash Report – 12/8/13

Whew! What a whirlwind of a week!  Nothing added; nothing used.  I arrived back late Friday night with just enough time to unpack my backpack and fill it with my cheer mom stuff – the necessary hand applique project, camera, video, iPad, make up, and snacks.  Slept and woke up way too early to get the girl’s make up done and we trekked over to Cow Palace for our second cheer comp of the year.  And if you follow me on Instagram (thousandneedles) or twitter (@stuckonquilting), you would have been blown away by the pictures I shared.  I would share them again but the girl was already embarrassed by the bit I shared so I’ll restrain myself.  Until I start posting other pics, you can still see the pictures on the right hand side of the page.  Or you can follow me! 😉 The team did much better than last time and won 2nd place!  I’m a proud momma.

The next best thing about yesterday’s competition was that it ended early! By 3:30pm, I was back at home and able to be in my sewing room soon after arrival.  I pulled out Block 5 of Hampton Ridge and finished it for Monday’s BOM Away Post.  Today, I’ll be working on step 2 of Celtic Solstice.  I think that will keep me busy enough today, don’t you?

Stash count: **I started counting 5/23/13

Used this week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 40.25 yards
Added this Weeks: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 176.25 yards
Net Added for 2013: 136 yards

see more stash reports at  Patchwork Times

~Wish I was quilting!


Monday Monday – 11/4/2013

Design Wall & BOM Away Monday

I’m linking to both Design Wall Monday and BOM Away Monday.  Because that’s where I link to on Monday’s now.  But my design wall today looks the same as last week and I have no new finished BOMs.  No excuses but I used all of last week’s free time to finish Ammabel’s quilt and this weekend was basically a no-sew weekend due to her birthday party and Kayla’s Cheer competition.  I did’t get very good pictures or video so I’m sad about that.  It’s the first competition of the year with her new team so it didn’t go so well.  It can only get better from this point though.  And they know what they need to work on and will continue to practice to clean up the act for the next competition next month.  I really only have a little left to do with Rainbow Garden and I originally planned to do it yesterday after the comp.  But I was just too pooped yesterday.  It took a full 2 hours to get home with all the traffic due to road constructions so I didn’t get back until 6:30.   I did get some of the Hawaiian quilt done from my PIQF class during the competition.  It’s an easy hand project to take with me and work on between squads.  So – I’m off to LA this afternoon and I’m taking Raining Cats and Dogs to get work done on Block 6!

See more design walls at Patchwork Times and more finished BOMs at  .

Sorry I haven’t had time to check out everyone else’s posts these last few days.  I’ll continue to be AWOL for this week but plan to see me back online with a vengeance when I return next week.

Wish I was quilting.