Tell It To The Stars

Tell It To The Stars

Last Month I was inundated with all of these potential new projects to start in the new year.  With all my other running projects and BOM and UFOs running in my head, I really didn’t want a new one.  I tried to resist the urge to starting a new thing and while Celtic Solstice was going on I was able to.  Now that it is done – even if I’m not, I’m drawn to the next mystery quilt on the horizon.   Judy’s Tell It To The Stars is an all year mystery quilt with a clue distributed once a month.  I have convinced myself that it is doable. 🙂

To make my life easier I purchased the hand dyed fabric kit from Vicki Welsh and received it last week.  I didn’t get purchased in time for the first step but I wouldn’t have been able to work on it if I did.  I’m working on the first step today!

Are you participating in this mystery quilt?  

~Wish I was quilting!


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