Manic Monday – 1/20/14

Hampton Ridge BOM Block 10 Finished  January 17, 2014

Hampton Ridge BOM
Block 10 Finished
January 17, 2014

For BOM Away Monday, here is Block 10 of Hampton Ridge.  Not a favorite but it was easy to put together.  These blocks are getting easier and easier (of course, now that I’ve said the next one is going to be hard!)  I believe that I’m just getting better at understanding the instructions and my scant 1/4 inch is more accurate as I continue my quilting progress.  I’ve never before the last 7 months quilted as regularly as I am now and my accuracy and understanding is approving greatly.  I love it! I have two more blocks to go before I’m done for this month and I know I’m not going to get to it.  I’m travelling next week and I’m not back until Sunday evening.  Then I’ve got to pick up my machine (which should be ready by then) and then it’s February.  Life is going to get even busier these next few weeks.  My mom is having a small party on February 1 and then the girl has cheer competition the next two weekends.  The weekend after that finds me and the hubby in Vegas celebrating his birthday.  So I’m going to have to quilt during the week and around these life events.  🙂  I hope I don’t far too far behind my BOMs. 

Moon Glow BOM Block 2 Finished  January 18, 2014

Moon Glow BOM
Block 2 Finished
January 18, 2014

I’m really happy that Block 2 of Moon Glow was much better than Block 1.  I paid close attention to the instructions.  The square in the middle was appliqued on and I know it isn’t straight or anything but I like it this way.  I was watching Carol Doak’s Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing on Craftsy to help me as I foundation pieced the star together and it helped a lot!  I’m now caught up with the Moon Glow BOM!

The other BOMs are: Tell it to the stars – which I’m caught up with!  A Rainbow Garden – I’m three months behind on this one.  I’m working on Block 3 but this is primarily hand work.  I’ll be taking this with me as I travel around so I’m hoping I get a lot done before the next kit comes in February. And finally Lucky Stars!  I’m letting the 2013 BOM go and I may get back to it when my current BOMs finish off.  But I couldn’t help but get into the 2014 BOM when Elizabeth rolled out her special for this year.  I think it was $10 for the year?  I can’t remember but I got it last November or December.  I’m not yet late but with my upcoming schedule I do not know if I’ll be able to get this caught up before the end of February.  In the meantime, I still need to pick out fabric anyway. 🙂

Check out more finished BOMs at 

For Design Wall Monday, it was getting full with all the BOMs on there so I removed everything and kept only Hampton Ridge up.  

Design Wall  1/20/14

Design Wall

See more design walls at
Have a great week!

Happy quilting everyone!

~Wish I was quilting too.


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  1. I didn’t know Carol Doake had a Craftsy class on paper piecing! I have one of her books and it’s very inspiring, but I had mixed results with the first block I attempted and haven’t gotten up the courage to try it again. Have you taken many Craftsy classes? Do they come with any kind of outline or handouts to download? I have always preferred books to DVDs because I can’t remember the details from a video and have to watch it again and again and again just to find the snippet with the information I’m looking for. Whereas, with a book, I can highlight that kind of stuff so I can find it quickly and easily when I’m in the middle of a project.

    • I have taken a lot of Craftsy classes. When I’m working on a project like moon glow which requires paper piecing, which I’m not proficient at, I have the class playing in the background on my iPad. When I get to a particular part in my project that I’m confused about I go to that section in the class. The Craftsy classes have the lessons broken up and titled appropriately so you can easily move between lessons as you need to. If I was so inclined I could also bookmark and make notes to find things within a lesson. I never remember to do that and even when I do I rarely ever go there. But you can and I’m sure a lot of people do. I find it takes too much time for me and I’m ok with reviewing parts of the lesson while I get to my particular spot. You can, of course, move forward or go back as you need to too. 😊 it is highly addicting though. Classes often go on sale so I usually browse through and save classes to my wish list. Then when they have their sales buy them. I rarely buy them at full price. Once you buy them, you have them forever.

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