I’m back!

I didn’t mean to be offline for so long.  I had to take a trip to LA a couple of weeks ago and one week turned into almost two.  I worked and worked and worked.  I won’t bore you with all the details but suffice it to say I didn’t touch my hand projects once while I was there.  Nor did I make it to my LQS that I love to visit whenever I’m in town.  🙁  I’ve been back for a couple of days getting my life in order here.  It still isn’t but I decided to just get on here anyway.  My sewing machine is ready for me to pick it up and I’m going to try to do that today before the girl’s cheer practice.  I wasn’t told that anything was wrong so maybe it really just needed another clean.  I really want to play with it tomorrow while I can.  I’d love to play with it today but my mom is having visitors today which means I can’t bring out my quilting to the living room.

Life continues to be busy for me so I’m hoping to get some in during the week.  I’m now a little more behind on all of my BOMs but that was beyond my control so I’m living with it. 🙂  Here’s a quick update:

Hampton Ridge – I received the new kit while I was in LA so now I’ve got 6 blocks to do.  The 2 blocks from last month’s packet are partially done as I prepped them the last time I worked on Hampton Ridge.

A Rainbow Garden – I’m working on Block 3 and I’ve got all the pieces laid out.  I started working on placing them down before I left and actually took this project with me to do.

Moon Glow – I was caught up before I left but received this month’s kit just yesterday.

Tell It To The Stars – The new clue came out today and I really want to put it together now!  But I think I’ll work on this one tomorrow.

And that’s it folks!

I hope to do some hand work today while at cheer practice and get reacquainted with my favorite machine tomorrow.  🙂


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