Get It Done – February, 2014

I realized that I haven’t done a Get It Done post since 12/1/2013.  I looked on Judy’s site and didn’t see that she did one for January either.  I do not know if she has decided not to do it anymore or forgot with the holidays and other stuff coming up on her blog.  But I really enjoyed doing them – it helped me to focus on what 4 things I really wanted to get done each month (along with some things I’d like to get done).  Some months I was able to get things done other months I didn’t but I always felt like I was moving in the right direction.  So whether Judy continues to do the “Get It Done” posts or not… I think I’ll continue to as I found it really helpful to stay on track.

So for February, I’m only listing two items this month.  The girl has 2 cheer competitions this month and 1 Saturday practice which means that I’m away from quilting for 3 Saturdays.  Then we’re off to Vegas the 4th Saturday to celebrate my hubby’s birthday!  It’s a big one but he doesn’t want to think about it yet.  So I’m keeping my list short this month!

  1. Continue with my hand quilt – This one is really almost done!  Really!
  2. Finish Quilting Easy Street

The LONG LIST also called my WISH List

Quilting Station – Easy Street
Piecing Station – The BOMs and Celtic Solstice
Hand Station – Hand quilt, Raining Cats and Dogs, Rainbow Garden

EDIT – I found A Lovely Year of Finishes and I’m linking here for my February Goals List!

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