Manic Monday – 03/24/2014

Back for a few days and then we’re off again for Spring Break!  But I spent this weekend, NOT QUILTING, but making this straight hair –

20140324-215701.jpg  into this curly hair – 20140324-215622.jpg

Not very easy I tell you!  I have to use globs of gel and hair spray and after 6 competitions, I think I’m a pro at it.  It gets better and better every time.  This time around the girl was a little upset with me because I was rushing through the process.  Since we were practically in our home town (OC is right next door to LA), the hubby made plans for us to hang out with friends Friday night.  So I rushed and she was worried that it wouldn’t come out very good.  Well, it was great and my response to her – “you shouldn’t question your mom!” 🙂

The girl’s team won second in her division against 7 other teams.  I was happy for her.  They worked hard all year long and despite last minute choreography changes due to injuries and such, they were able to pull it off.  Only one competition left and it’s right after our Spring Break.  So we’ll be driving back to LA for another friend’s baby shower on Saturday.  Head over to Carlsbad on Sunday.  We’ll spend a few days there and visit LegoLand for the boy and if it is hot enough, the water park right next to it.  Then we’ll head over to my office and say hi to the gang over there.  The kids will visit their old school and friends.  Friday we’ll trek over to Bakersfield for Cali Finale, the last cheer comp of the year.  And on Sunday we’ll be back on I-5 N making our way to Fremont.  And that should be it for family trips until the summer.  I will still need to go back and forth to LA for work but I’ll be leaving the kids at home. 🙂 (so it’s more like a mini vacation with work thrown in. -but don’t tell that to the hubby!)

I did find a quilt shop open on Sunday about 3 miles away from the Anaheim Convention Center.  It is called Orange Quilt Bee.  I bought fabric and I’ll be adding that to my stash count this coming Sunday.  I also bought a little bag kit and I hope that it will help me get into making the cute bags I see everywhere.  I actually yelped quilt shops and this shop was not part of the list of quilt shops that popped up.  But all the shops that popped up nearby were closed on Sundays.  I knew there was one near the Convention Center as I’ve visited it during the Southern CA Quilt Run in previous years.  So I googled it and found it.


Have a great week!

Happy quilting everyone!

~Wish I was quilting too.


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