WIP Wednesday – 3/26/2014

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedGetting it done – one piece at a time…

I’m still working on hand quilting My First Quilt  that never ends!

My Hand Quilt it's still WIP

My Hand Quilt
it’s still a WIP

hand quilting takes forever...

hand quilting takes forever…


I was convinced last Wednesday that I only needed to spend a couple of hours finishing up the last row of quilting.  Then I could bind and label it.  But when I got started I realized I still needed to finish up the second row before I could quilt the final row.  I only had time to work on it twice this past week but now I only have 1.5 sides to quilt on the final row.  Then I can bind and label it.  I’m in the running but it may be a tight finish with only 2 nights available for me to finish before the end of the quarter. I know there are more days and nights until quarter end but I will not be in town and available to quilt during those times.

This quilt has been a WIP so long, I’m no longer enjoying the fabric and color selection.  These colors were so 2006 for me. 🙂  At this point, I really just want this done.  I’m sure years from now after I stop looking at it as that WIP that just kept WIPPING I’ll fall back in love with it.  But right now – I just want to get it done.

What is on your WIP Wednesday?

~Wish I was quilting…


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