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April Block  4/2/2014

April Block

I finished quilting Easy Street!  Now all I need to do is get the binding and label on.  I have to go through my bins because I can’t remember if I bought binding and put it away or if that was something I was going to do later.  If I don’t like anything in my stash then I’ll have to go to the quilt shop this weekend to for something. And who doesn’t want to do that?

Other than that I’ve got May’s block for Tell It To The Stars I need to put together.  I also received the next kits for Hampton Ridge and Moon Glow.  My goal for this weekend is to just get the block for Tell It To the Stars done.  I really do not have time to do more than that.  If I find I do have time, I’ll try to get started on Moon Glow.  I like to stay on top of the BOMs I’m current on and right now I’ve got 2 kits waiting for me on Hampton Ridge.  That will have to wait for a weekend with MORE quilty time.  Maybe I’ll find that on Mother’s Day weekend.

Non Quilty plans for this weekend: The kids piano lessons got rescheduled for this morning, then I’ve got a yoga class.  After that I’m free so I may hit the quilt shop at that time until Game 7 of the Clipper/Warrior series this evening.  Tomorrow we’ll be heading over to Berkeley to check out UCB for the kids.  Its early for them since the kids are 12 and 9 but they’ve gone a bunch of times to UCLA, my alma mater.  I guess I should be fair and show them UCB is a good school too. 🙂 lol   All kidding aside, they haven’t been and while we’re in NorCal we’re playing tourists.

My sewing machine is waiting for me and if I want to get anything done to report on Monday, I better go join it. 🙂

…Gone Quilting….


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