Manic Monday – 9/1/2014

For BOM Away Monday,

Hampton Ridge Block 34 8/31/14

Hampton Ridge
Block 34

That countdown starts now.  I’ve only got 7 blocks left and I’m getting more and more excited about finishing Hampton Ridge.  But in my rush I made a mistake that I haven’t made once in the previous 33 blocks.  Whenever I open the new kit for the month, I usually make the borders first before any of the blocks just to get them out of the way.  The BOM uses the thangles method so I cut 2-5″ squares for every block for each fabric.  Then I sew them right sides together with the thangle paper.  One of the times I did this I sewed one right side to another wrong side which means I have to pick out stitching.  Of course, I didn’t notice it until after I’d cut everything out.  I’m going to set that border aside and do the blocks first.  I’m hoping that afterwards, I’ll have enough of the fabric to just start all over again with that border and not have to worry about ripping the one I messed up and sewing it up again.  Or, if not, I may just use a different fabric for the border on it.  I have enough leftovers of other fabric that I don’t think it will be a big deal.

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For Design Wall Monday…

Hampton Ridge Design Wall Monday Blocks 1-34 September 1, 2014

Hampton Ridge
Design Wall Monday
Blocks 1-34
September 1, 2014

I added the bottom row since last Monday.  I love my design wall where it is.  It is a bit inconvenient having to walk all the way around to get into the office and I keep having to remind myself not to try to open the accordion doors.  But once I’m in, I love looking at what’s on there.

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Have a great week!

~Wish I was quilting.


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  1. Okay, trying to leave my comment for the third time. LOL I love your design wall, thanks for showing all the blocks together. They are gorgeous.

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