Saturday line up, 9/6/14

Hampton Ridge Block 34 8/31/14

Hampton Ridge
Block 34

I’ve been busy with work this past week and that will probably continue for the rest of the year.  So my quilting goals are probably going to be tough to meet.  Oh well, I’ll do my best as always.


September thread club

September thread club

Thread update, I received my thread for September and we’re heading into fall colors.  The one on the left is really a dark brown – not black.  I only have enough room for 5 more spools so I only have 2 months left on the club.  Unless I use up more spools.  I am close to using one up so I may stay an extra month.  But unless I spend more time quilting, I’m not sure I’ll use any more up than that one.  Part of me hopes I can stick it through until January so I can see what next year’s theme will be.  But I’m pretty adamant about stopping when my thread holder is full.

This weekend my goal is just to get Tell It To The Star – September clue done.

On a side note, my little scrap bag – those bits and pieces too small for my real scrap bin – is getting full.  When I was up north, I was saving these for a guildmate who made cat/dog beds out of them.  Now, I’m just saving them.  I need to figure out what to do with these before the scrap bag is truly full.  I should probably get out of the house and join the guild near me, I’m sure there will be someone there who will want them.  I believe they meet on Monday evening so I’ll try to head over there.

Happy Quilting!



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