Quilty Goals: November 2014

Wow the month is over!  It went by so fast and even though I didn’t sew that much for a couple of weeks I was able to work on my priority projects.


Hampton Ridge Block 40 10/27/2014

Hampton Ridge
Block 40


Hampton Ridge Block 41 10/29/2014

Hampton Ridge
Block 41

October Goals:

  1. Tell It to The Stars – October clue – DONE!
  2. Moon Glow – Block #11 – DONE!
  3. Hampton Ridge – Month 9, 10, 11 – DONE for 9 and 10!
  4. Finish Quilting Flowers and Baskets* – I have 4 blocks left as well as all of the alternate locks and the border.
  5. Raining Cats and Dogs – work on this a little bit at a time. – I spent a couple of nights on this…
  6. Practice FMQ**
  7. Celtic Solstice – Step 5

My top three BOMs are almost done.  Tell It To The Stars are all put together… I think November’s clue is just going to be the border.  For Moon Glow, I’m all caught up and I’m just waiting for the next kit to come in the mail.  It should come any day and I keep checking my mail to see if today’s the day.  I’m really excited about Hampton Ridge because all of the blocks are done!  Woohoo!  It’s up on my design wall right now and I love looking at it throughout the day.

I was able to get a lot of the cutting done for Scrapitude 2015.  I’m finished with all the dark fabric and I’m halfway through the background fabric.  My goal is to get these cut before Grand Illusions start at the end of the month.


November Goals:

Top Priority Projects

  1. BOM – Tell It To the Stars by Judy Laquidara at Patchwork Times – November Clue!
  2. BOM – Moon Glow – Work on the alternate blocks when the kit comes in!
  3. BOM – Hampton Ridge – I have Month 11… work on Month 11, which is getting the sashing together and putting the body of the top together!
  4. Black Friday – Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt-a-long “Grand Illusions!” First clue is released.

My Wish List

  1. Quilt Flowers and Baskets
  2. Hand applique Raining Cats and Dogs
  3. cutting for Scrapitude 2015
  4. Celtic Solstice

~Happy Quilting!


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