TGIF, 3/13/2015

WIPs Be Gone

WIP Status:

1. Month by Month – 

Month by Month on the mid arm 2/28/2015

Month by Month on the mid arm

 It’s still on Bailey… It’s half way done, I’ve ordered needles and I am waiting for them.  I went to Joann’s and found some but I don’t know if they’re the right ones.  I hope I’ll have time Saturday morning to see if they will work but there’s a lot going on this weekend so I’m not sure.

2. Tell It To The Stars

Tell It To The Stars Designing the back 3/5/15

Tell It To The Stars
Designing the back

The back of Tell It To The Stars is still on the design wall.  I still need to throw up more of the little pieces together but I’m not in any rush so it’s just sitting there.

3. Scrapitude – Clue #3 just came out and my quilt mojo has left the building.  It’s taking a break and I hope it comes back this coming weekend.

4. Moon Glow

Moon Glow Month #12 3/12/2015

Moon Glow
Month #12

Here’s where I got stalled.  And it’s probably why it took so long for me to pull it out.  Month #12 isn’t just a block or two to put together.  There are 20 pieces of fabric that I’ve got to cut up.  I’m working through step 5 now which is basically cut more strips.  I don’t even get to break up the cutting with piecing.  It’s just 8 fabrics that I have to cut into strips of 1-3/4″ each… 12 strips each fabric… /sigh.  I do a little bit a day but it seems to take forever.  /whine whine whine… sorry… It’s kind of why I haven’t been posting this week.  I’m tired, I’m bored with all the cutting from Moon Glow and I’m trying really hard to stay committed and not start something new.  I haven’t bought fabric although not because I’m diligent.  I tried to go to LQS where I would have broken down but thankfully, they are closed on Sundays!  I went to Joann’s for some other things and it’s only because I’m trying to keep the quilt shop quality fabric in my stash that restrained me from perusing the fabric aisles.

We’re getting closer to party central here at the house.  My baby is turning 10!  OMG! ;0  That’s happening next Saturday (21) and then I’ll be heading up north to go to my cousin’s baby shower.  Then it’s spring break for the kids and we have another Vegas trip.  This time it’s for 4 days and its with friends.  We plan to eat, go to the pool and eat some more! 🙂  maybe throw a show in there too.

Happy Quilting everyone!


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  1. The Tell It to the Stars back is looking so fun! And, man – I hear you on the boring cutting work. Don’t give up! I’ve got a similar thing going with a 20-fabric set for the kit I pulled out of storage to do the prep work on this month. Soooooo boring, it drives me nuts. I’ve got all of 4 fabrics done. Don’t wanna do the math yet on what’s left!

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