Craftsy Class Review: Free Motion Filler Volume 1


Free Motion Fillers Volume 1

with Leah Day

This is a great informative class on how to FMQ and different designs to use.  Leah Day is a wonderful instructor.  She’s nice to listen to and gives clear examples.  If you’ve never checked out her website, you should!  You are missing out.  When I purchased this class I wanted to use my Bernina and do FMQ on my quilts.  I still do.  However I quilt big quilts – usually Queens with a Full thrown here and there.  I hate quilting these on my little Bernina 330.  The throat space is just too small for that size.  So my intent originally was to take this class and practice until I was good so I can have different options to quilt.  But I hated quilting on my Bernina.  The smaller quilts – like baby quilts I generally do straight lines.  So I watched the class while finishing up projects here and there.  There are a lot of great ideas.  And I plan to use this class as something to refer to when I feel the urge the FMQ on my domestic.  I may have smaller quilts that I want to do a design on in my Bernina.  One of the issues I found with the designs is that they are really small and small quilting tends to make the quilts stiff.  I want soft quilts.  I like that I can take the designs and enlarge it so that I can retain a soft quilt if I wanted to.  I may one day take the designs and practice them to see if there are any that I like to use in one of my quilts.  If I ever get a real sewing table for my machine, I may take this class again specifically for that.  Until then, I will consider this class complete.

Note: Go to the class’ site on for information on the lessons, etc. on the class.


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