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Craftsy Class Review: Creative Quilt Backs


Creative Quilt Backs

with Elizabeth Hartman

I do not usually pay attention to backs.  I am usually rushing through this part because I just want it done and quilted.  The easiest way for me is to get one fabric to use on the back.  I like a busy dark print so that the quilting lines disappear.  This free mini class made me think about doing something different for my backings and gave me another step in the process to improve upon.  My natural tendencies for backs is to find busy fabric that I love the look of.  Hopefully, it’s on sale, get yards of it and piece it together.  I gravitate toward busy fabric so you can see the piecing or the quilting.  This class, though, gave me ideas of what I can do different and out of my comfort zone.

Here are the lessons in the class that I would go back to and watch.

Lesson 4: Using Large-Scale Prints

I really enjoyed this lesson which showed me how to put two pieces of fabric together for large scale prints without making it obvious that there are two pieces of fabric together.  I’m definitely going to have to try this one day.

Lesson 5: Adding a Pieced Strip

Lesson 6: Back Block

Lesson 7: Super Scrappy

The best thing about this free mini-class is that it got me to think about my backs and the different ways I could be doing things with them that I didn’t really think about before.

Craftsy Class Review: Free Motion Filler Volume 1


Free Motion Fillers Volume 1

with Leah Day

This is a great informative class on how to FMQ and different designs to use.  Leah Day is a wonderful instructor.  She’s nice to listen to and gives clear examples.  If you’ve never checked out her website, you should!  You are missing out.  When I purchased this class I wanted to use my Bernina and do FMQ on my quilts.  I still do.  However I quilt big quilts – usually Queens with a Full thrown here and there.  I hate quilting these on my little Bernina 330.  The throat space is just too small for that size.  So my intent originally was to take this class and practice until I was good so I can have different options to quilt.  But I hated quilting on my Bernina.  The smaller quilts – like baby quilts I generally do straight lines.  So I watched the class while finishing up projects here and there.  There are a lot of great ideas.  And I plan to use this class as something to refer to when I feel the urge the FMQ on my domestic.  I may have smaller quilts that I want to do a design on in my Bernina.  One of the issues I found with the designs is that they are really small and small quilting tends to make the quilts stiff.  I want soft quilts.  I like that I can take the designs and enlarge it so that I can retain a soft quilt if I wanted to.  I may one day take the designs and practice them to see if there are any that I like to use in one of my quilts.  If I ever get a real sewing table for my machine, I may take this class again specifically for that.  Until then, I will consider this class complete.

Note: Go to the class’ site on Craftsy.com for information on the lessons, etc. on the class.



Ammabel in the Sawtooth Hat 4/27/2014

Ammabel in the Sawtooth Hat

I recently started knitting.  I used to try to knit and then my wrists would hurt so I stopped.  Recently, I started taking Craftsy knitting classes and tried different needles.  The smaller needles made all the difference in the world.  Craftsy classes made all the difference in the world.  I tried to learn from books and friends but unless they were with me all the time I would get bored with the knit and purls!  My wrist didn’t hurt when I started knitting again.  I’m slowly building up my tools and such but the most recent class I’m taking on Craftsy is Stefanie Japel’s Knit Lab – In the Round.  I recently finished the Sawtooth Hat but since I didn’t have the proper circular needles when I started my gauge wasn’t right and it ended up not fitting anyone.  I gave it to my niece, Ammabel, and it doesn’t even fit her head! ;0  So it was a good practice hat.  I should be getting the right size needles in tomorrow’s postal delivery so once I get them I’ll be working on a new hat.  I would go to the next lesson and start working on Fowler Fingerless Mitts but Stefanie is going to show us how to knit two gloves at the same time.  She recommends having two needles of the same size with different cords to help distinguish one project from the other so I ordered a second set over the weekend.  Those will probably be here next week.  So I’m going to do a Sawtooth Hat #2!

Just a quick note on Stefanie Japel’s Craftsy Classes.  I took her Knit Lab class which is a beginner or Intro to knitting class before I took the Knit Lab – In the Round.  I really like her as an instructor.  She’s funny and has really good tips and explanations.  Her classes teaches how to read knitting patterns and charts.  I especially like this “In the Round” class because it went over double pointed needles as well as circular needles.  If you are a beginner knitter and even remotely interested in knitting classes, I recommend these classes wholeheartedly.