Stash Report – Week 22, 2015

I wasn’t able to post my stash report last week because I was out of town.  But anytime I go out of town – I buy fabric!  Specifically 12.33 yards of fabric!

I was able to work on Scrapitude yesterday as I planned.

Scrapitude 5/31/2015


But I wasn’t able to get the borders on.  I didn’t make it to the LQS in time with everything else going on so I went through my entire stash.  I did find fabric that would work for the borders but I didn’t have enough of it!  C’est la vie!  I will be going to the LQS sometime this week to get something for the borders.  I was able to work on Month by Month! The only thing I had left to do for Month by Month was “put the binding on”!  I was able to do that and the next step is to get the label.  I’ll be working on the Embroidery machine to create that today.  But I consider this a finish!

Month by Month Finished! 5/31/2015

Month by Month
5/31/2015  (sorry the picture is out of focus – I had the boy take it while I held it up)

Used this week: 7.50 yards

Used year to Date: -36.25 yards
Added this week: 12.33 yards
Added Year to Date: 53.08 yards
Net Added for 2015: 16.83 yards

The SoCal Quilt Run is coming up in a few weeks and the kids and I have been looking forward to trekking all over Southern California and visiting the participating quilt shops.  I took a quick look at the shops and noticed that the quilt shop in Westwood that I go to for the Modern Quilt Guild is not participating.  I wonder why? Anyway, I bring the run up because expect a big jump in numbers by the end of June.  While going through the stash for the borders for Scrapitude I recognize that I do not have enough darks in the stash.  I think I’ll be looking to enhance that part of the stash.  Although – to be real – I am going to make an effort to not by a whole lot.  I enjoy the run to visit the shops but I really do not need to buy anything.  I do at some point want to only buy fabric when I need it for a project.  And I want my stash to be only scraps from past projects.  That may be in my dreams but one day it will be a goal of mine.  For this run though, if I feel the buying bug.. then I’m going to concentrate on focusing on dark valued fabrics. 🙂

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~Have a quilty week!


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      • You guys should go! I’m planning out our trip right now too. It’s still up in the air for me since I’ve got a big work project that is taking up a lot of time. I hope that everything works out so that I could go!

      • We’re definitely going to hit up a few shops. Kinda bummed a road trip couldn’t be planned for some of the further stops but maybe next year that will be a possibility!

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