Monday Madness – 06/01/2015

Now that Month by Month is finished – I’m in a bit of a standstill.  I’m in various stages of finishing…

Scrapitude – I need to buy fabric for the borders and I hope I’ll have some time this week to do that.

Scrapitude 5/31/2015


Tell It to The Stars – I need to piece the backing and I’m having trouble with this.  I’m getting ready to throw the idea of piecing it together away and just get something for the back.

Tell It To The Stars Designing the back 3/5/15

Tell It To The Stars
Designing the back

Moon Glow – I need to figure out what the border(s) is/are and then sew them to the top.

Moon Glow  inner top done 5/17/2015

Moon Glow
inner top done

Hampton Ridge – attach the sashing and put the top together.

Hampton Ridge 5/20/2015

Hampton Ridge

Here’s a list of the next set of projects on my UFO list:

Raining Cats and Dogs – my hand project

Celtic Solstice and Missing Ivy – which I haven’t touched in quite some time and I’m not sure what step I am in the project.  I’m still in the piecing stage though.

And finally, A Rainbow Garden – which was the wool BOM I was working on last year.

I did put a new mystery quilt on the docket starting this week and I’m not sure if I will still do it.  I want to get through this list of projects and start working on the next.  I’ve got a bunch of kits that I want to actually work through but in order for me to get them out of their current spaces I need to free up some of the spaces that are being taken up by the current list of projects.  I’ll just keep plugging along…



Check out more finished BOMs at  and design walls at and Cooking Up Quilts

Have a great week!


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