TGIF, 6/5/2015

Whooo!  What a busy week.  With the girl culminating and the boy’s baseball schedule we’ve been booked every night this week.  I’m so excited to spend a weekend with my sewing machine and no other obligations.

Scrapitude – I plan to go to my LQS this afternoon to get borders.  I plan to tackle this step this week.  I may also get backing fabric since I’m there and will save me a trip.

Scrapitude 5/31/2015


Tell It To The Stars – I agree with everyone’s response – The gray is the best option for completing this back.  I plan to finish the backing this weekend.

Tell It To The Stars back 6/3/2015

Tell It To The Stars

I also want to visit the sewing machine shop as I had some questions with the labels I made last week with my embroidery machine.  I have 1 more label to make for Month by Month so I want to finish that this weekend also.

The Midnight Mystery QAL ‘s fabric selection post was released yesterday and I’m hesitating on whether I want to be involved with this.  I think I’ll pass for right now.  I have some projects I want to get to and if I add this to my list, I won’t get to the projects I want to get to.  I have the instructions emailed to me each month so if I decide to play along later, I can always jump in.  For now, the final item on my list of things to work on this weekend is putting the sashing and blocks together for Hampton Ridge.

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  1. Scraptitude is so beautiful!. Congrats! Now what did you decide for borders for it. Isn’t it great to have uninterrupted sewing time. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone. I loved seeing your eye candy.

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