Stash Report – Week 23, 2015

The top is done for Scrapitude!  I made it to my LQS on Friday and picked out the fabric for the borders.  Worked on it all day yesterday.  It took forever since I was alternating between work stuff, eating, and socializing with the family. ;0    But it is done.  Next step for scrapitude is getting the backing together.  I was supposed to get the backing when I went to the shop but I forgot.  I got 3 yards for the borders.  I know that’s a lot and I have a lot extra but here’s what I did…

Scrapitude 2015 Mitered border 6/7/2015

Scrapitude 2015
Mitered border

I mitered the borders.  I think it looks wonderful.  Of course when you look carefully not all four corners connect properly but I think they’re small enough to quilt out.   I’ve only mitered once or twice before so I like how it turned out.  In addition, I didn’t cut the border strips from selvage to selvage (which would have saved on the amount of yardage I added this week).  Instead I cut parallel to the selvage edge.  It saved me on piecing time.  I bought yards of the fabrics so that way I don’t have to piece a bunch of little strips.  I bought 2 yards of the darker blue and 1 yard of the cream inner border.  So for the darker blue batik I didn’t even have to piece anything.  I just cut 4 strips for the inner border and 4 strips for the outer border.  For the cream border I only pieced 2 strips together for each of the four sides.  By doing it this way, the borders are not as stretchy as it is when I use strips from selvage to selvage.  This is the first time I’ve done it this way and so far, I like how the top feels.  The borders feel more secure and fixed and I hope when I quilt it, they don’t stretch as much and not cut away from the border when I trim after I quilt. We’ll see how it turns out.  🙂

I can’t show a picture of the full thing yet because the top no longer fits on my design wall and the children are still sleeping!  I can’t ask/trick/ bribe them into holding it up for a picture but I plan to do it later today so I can post a picture then.

Today’s plan is to work on the backing for Tell It To The Stars.

Tell It To The Stars back 6/3/2015

Tell It To The Stars

Here’s the back to remind you what it looks like.  Thank you to everyone who commented.  I really like how it is turning out.  I have decided to go with the gray and today’s agenda is to measure, cut and sew them on.  If I have time (and energy), I will work on putting the sashes and rows for Hampton Ridge.

Used this week: 4.25 yards

Used year to Date: -40.50 yards
Added this week: 3 yards
Added Year to Date: 56.08 yards
Net Added for 2015: 15.58 yards

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~Have a quilty week!


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