I’m being overtaken by borders and backing…

Tell It To The Stars Back - so far 6/13/2015

Tell It To The Stars
Back – so far

It seems like Tell It To The Stars is never done… I fixed the error I made on Gray border #1 and started on Gray border #2.  I am loving the gray combination and I’m glad I made the choice to go with gray.  I am also glad I went with the lighter gray first as it make a good gradated change to the darker gray.  I will have to run to my LQS later because I ran out of the darker gray.  I have a bit left but not enough to get the darker gray on the two remaining sides.  I would have thought 4 yards of the grays would have been enough but apparently not. 🙂

Happy Quilting friends!


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  1. Well, that really is a BIG quilt! I like the two grays with the brights in the middle, too. Is this the end of the backing, when the grays are on?

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