TGIF, 6/12/2015

Tell It to The Stars Backing Gray border #1 #boo

Tell It to The Stars
Gray border #1

So I made that ^^^ mistake!!!!
I pieced together the third side the wrong way on the back for Tell It To The Stars!  Time to put it down and fix it later.  I’ll be best friends with my seam ripper later and then hopefully I can get the gray border #1 done on the back.  I want to get gray border #2 finished this weekend and then I can get this on the frame for quilting.
Or… I can get the back for scrapitude and get that on the frame.  I will be going through my stash and I hope I can find yardage for the back.  I know I will not find any one piece of fabric for the entire thing but I hope I can find enough to piece together for the back of this.  It will be a scrappy back too. 🙂
Scrapitude 2015 6/8/2015

Scrapitude 2015

I still haven’t gone to visit the sewing machine shop to ask some questions with the labels I made now a couple of weeks ago with my embroidery machine.  I have 1 more label to make for Month by Month so I want to finish that this weekend also.

It feels slow going.  They’re only backs and borders which I feel shouldn’t take too long but they are.  With the borders for Scrapitude I did take my time because I wanted it to come out right.  With Tell It To the Stars… well, I think life is overtaking my quilty time and I am just doing what I can when I’ve got time.  Once I get through these I can jump onto hampton ridge and get the sashes on. 🙂

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    • For me, I think it’s because I take so long to finish a top and that feels like a finish but it’s really finishing a step. After the top there are still quite a few steps before it really is finished! 🙂 And especially with Scrapitude and Tell It To The Stars… One was a year long mystery (2014) and the other was a mystery since Fall 2014 – so I’ve been working on it for so long that it feels like forever. 🙂

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