WIP Wednesday – 9/9/2015

Soaking my feet 9/8/15

Soaking my feet

After a day of on and off icing, I dipped my feet in the pool.  It’s nice to have a pool to dip into.  I’m very grateful.


But here’s where I am on Moon Glow.  The borders are done and all I have to do next is attach them to the top.  Then I have miter the corners.  Not sure if I’ll be able to get to it anytime soon.  I’m gingerly walking around and I’m not in the mood to do so in the sewing room.  Well, I’m working from home as I recuperate and when I’m done working – I have to leave this room.  My sewing room doubles as an office. A few days off will not hurt in the overall scheme of things.

Hey – something cool happened.  The girl asked for her sewing machine so she can randomly sew when she gets the urge.  I was thrilled.  She isn’t interested in actually doing anything – she really doesn’t have time.  She just wants to sew pieces of fabric together whenever she feels the need to relax. I wonder where she gets that from?  I have my bin of scraps (really small scraps) and I’ve given her free reign to piece them together.  I have been known to do the same when I’m bored with current projects and I don’t want to start anything new.  Anyway, now I just need to get the hubby to put one of the furniture pieces that was relegated to the garage because we weren’t sure where to put it and move it into the girl’s room.  Then I can take her little Bernette out for her to play with at her leisure.  She learned how to make pillowcases over the summer.  Maybe we can re-visit how to do it and maybe she’ll want to make more.  Maybe she’ll want to make some for Christmas gifts…. 🙂

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~Here’s to a great week!


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  1. How cool! Can’t wait to see what she sews together, if she gets the time. The kidlet wants to sew too so he’s been working on some strips. He seems to work well on it for a short spurt then loses interest.

    • Thanks Katie! I got her her own sewing machine a few years ago when she seemed to be more interested. But then she wasn’t interested anymore. This summer she seemed to want to actually use it and took some classes at our LQS. I think she just needs to be more comfortable using the machine. ;0

      • Yeah the machine can be intimidating. Mine sat for years before I starting using it and by that time I had no instructions and no idea how to use it. But I just went with it soon learned to love it!

  2. A Bernette is a nice starter machine. It’s what we got my MIL when she decided she wanted to be a quilter, too. Then she upgraded to another simple Bernina. How lovely that she wants to stitch some things to relax. LOL You’re doing something right.

  3. If she’s doing it for relaxation hopefully you’ll have a quilting buddy one day. My DD won’t step foot in my sewing room unless she needs help with homework or wants spending money.

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